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Your Friend for Life

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Stay Active and Keep Learning

Don’t retire just find another project that consumes all your time. I think the first step towards losing yourself is to think that doing nothing is going to work great for you. Your mind is your best friend and your best friend always needs something to figure out to keep itself healthy and if its healthy then so are you.

It Loves Being Busy

Sometimes we all need a refresher course to make ourselves understand that our best friend loves having something to think about. It loves to solve problems and learn new information. It’s kind of like a coal furnace and needs you to keep shoveling coal in so that it can keep providing good input to you. If it runs out of coal your going to pay the price by being less of a person then you want to be.

Plan To Be Occupied

Would you stand by and watch your closes friend slip slowly into the dark corner of the basement. Well that’s what you will be doing it you decide to sit back and just let life drive you where it wants to go. Imagine just for a moment if your driving down the street and just out of know where you decide to leave the driving to the resources of your car. Sound crazy well that’s what you will be doing if you retire without having something to replace the time you spend working.

Up And Running

So your objective is to leave one activity and have a new activity waiting in the wings. And it goes without saying that the new activity must also be up and running and because of this you already are aware that it’s working well for you. If this isn’t the case do the new activity for a while and that will give you the feelings whether you want it to be your next activity to involve yourself in.

Working Good Make the Move

Remember never leave one good working opportunity for another till the new activity is up and running and good feelings are being produced.

Retirement Requires Continual Learning

Retirement gives you flexibility to explore all kinds of new opportunities and that if its done properly your mind will always be expanding and finding new things to do. That will keep your life humming like a brand new car that never gets old. Remember retirement just means moving onto another project that fills your mind with new opportunities to grow. And growing your mind is a healthy mind. Always live and be happy.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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