A Document That Still Lets You Decide

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A Document That Still Lets You Decide

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In Case You Don't Wake UP

Its just like a will when you pass away the only difference it that it takes affect when your declared brain dead but still living on your own or are being kept alive by means other then yourself. Like getting oxygen and getting help via a breathing machine. Your attending doctors will make the decision your brain dead via a number of methods, when this happens your living will take over and your attending Judge will sign the appropriate papers that will active the living will you created and the judge will enforce it and order the hospital and doctors to do what you want done in your living will.

To Avoid Being But Not Here

Many people chose this course of action and create a living will, primarily because they don’t want to be sustained in a vegetated state by machines and would rather just be let to have nature take its course.

You Need A Lawyer

This kind of will is as I understand it is required to be created by a certified lawyer and then you will sign the document and your signature with be properly witnessed and be legally stamped by a qualified person. Then a copy of the document filed with the patients doctor, hospital and the administrator of the will.

Give Peace to Your Mind

Many people are finding living wills a comforting thing to have in their life and it gives them comfort to know they won't be forced to remain in a vegetable state and can't do anything about it.

New But Right for Many

Living wills are a relatively new concept and are not widely promoted yet, but they are gaining popularity and starting to be used more and more.

Let What Will Happen

Many people take exception to this concept and want the forces of the universe to determine their living or dying in the earthly world.

Don't Leave the Problem to Others

Many families find themselves in bitter battles to keep a loved one alive or let them die. This generally is between parents and spouses who see things different and about whether to live or die. A recent family battle was settled in court and lasted almost six years to resolve. It involved the court and the governor of the state where this person resided.

Here’s the point of this article, you have two will choices and if you so wish you can use both of them and determine the final concerns of your dying.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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