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If there’s one thing in life we don’t need more of is worry, so take appropriate action and try to laugh rather then worry.

Worry Wont Make You Happy

Yes there are real reasons for being concerned about your future and all the things that could happen to you. But worrying about it only creates more worry and that’s just adding more pain to the bile of things you think about. I went thru a phase when I worried about what my future is going to be like? And it was driving very close to the edge of the cliff. Then I visited my eldest son for three weeks and got all my marbles back in there proper location. My oldest sons is a Guru of Positive Thinking and he will dog a thought of interest till he knows everything about it and then he lets the thought find its proper place in his brain and then he lets it go. He sees life as a positive force and must be earned to really be enjoyed to the fullest. He preached the value of pulling the wagon rather then ridding all the time. He will give you a hand up by not a hand out. Thru his eyes he sees the need for work and earning your way to the things you want. For him charity is a one-time thing and you only get one chance to show your worth. If you don’t try neither will he and that’s because he doesn’t want to promote a system that teaches you a way to say its not my fault. According to him handouts create habits that don’t make you a better person and that is unacceptable to him. So he will help you once and then wait for you to take the wheel and drive the thought to the bank and reap the rewards of your sweating in the hot sun.

Worry Will Consume Your Life

Yes my son is like all of us he finds worrying creeping in once in awhile and quickly by positive thinking drives it out of his thinking. Yes it’s hard sometimes but he knows that worry if left unchecked will consume the mind and make your thinking negative all the time.

Today's Happiness will Produce Tomorrows Wellness

My eldest son is not perfect and like me he challenges himself to the thought that what you do today will create the benefits for tomorrow enjoyments. He tells me that everyday you have to keep feeding this imaginary funnel with good works, if you want the rewards tomorrow will bring.

He Offered But Know One Excepted

Sometimes like me he finds the wine of his choice and expels words that he shouldn’t have to spend his money helping people that wont help themselves. But that loudness is just the influence of the grape. For many years he offered the wisdom of his help and no one would take him up on his offer of help. They all seemed to want it but wouldn’t do the works to make it happen.

Stop worrying about your future and just feed the funnel by doing good works everyday and that will drive the worry from your mind. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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