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Are You Confused?

As your age gains speed and you move closer to retirement are you finding yourself less aware of what is going on around you? The mind is a vast gathering of information and if your beginning to lose your grip on reality you may find yourself hard to find. To live a functional life and enjoy all the benefits there in, you must never take your hands off the steering wheel. If your not clearly defying who you are and what you believe in, you may run the risk of losing yourself. It would be like going to a far away place and not know where you’re.

You are the Master of Your Domain

Keeping your life clearly defined helps your mind understand you and thus it doesn’t lose track of you and just think of you as just part of the information and not the master of the house. Don’t ever forget that you and you alone are the controller of your domain and your domain is your brain. You’re the only real person living there and everything else is just clutter, that you have gathered during your reign.

Don't Give Your Clutter Value

The only difference between you and the clutter is you have the ability to determine your destiny. Clutter has only one power over you and that is to clutter up your mind with things that you give value to. By giving clutter value you make them seem important and your mind treats them appropriately.

Keep and Maintain Control

Information should never challenge you for control of your mind. Your mind is your home and home is where we find peace and tranquility. Without this place of sanctuary we lose are sense of purpose and wellness in our life. Then mindlessness exists and our life is lost in the clutter. But I bring you good tidings. The only person that can do this to you is you. Thus the importance of never taking you hands off the wheel. I took my hands off the steering wheel once and learned the lesson of staying in charge of my life. I learned that there is a fine line between being ok and walking the halls with all the doors locked and you can find out where you are. If this happens to you, refresh yourself and remember someone or something that you love and that will help you find yourself again. For me it was my family. They are the anchor that keeps me in charge of myself.

Be Weary of Pills

Euphoria was the sign in my life that spelled disaster for me. It was like I had this enlightened sense of understanding and I seemed to know the answer to everything. Ill know if it comes visiting again. At that time I was taking a well-known anti depressant and it has been proved to contribute to the behavior I demonstrated during my fall from grace. It’s interesting to note that it really helped me and then became my enemy. Which makes me think of a saying keep your enemies close but your friends even closer or something like that. I guess I’m trying to make the case that what seems to help, may really be your down fall.

Never Stop Ruling

So take it from one who knows and isn’t reading the stuff from a reference book. Loosing yourself is filled with many dangers, so it’s best to keep your hands on the steering wheel and never give up being in charge of your life. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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