The Here After

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The Here After

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Words of Understanding

Have you ever had a special moment when you feel your connecting to a higher power of understanding? It was as real as life and in many ways it has helped me to better understand the relationship between my existence and that place where are essence goes when we stop breathing.

Six Rules to Enter Heaven

One spring day a couple of years ago I asked God what are the rules to get into heaven? Without a thought I spoke the following words. It was like I knew the answer and I just said it. Here is the answer I received that day. Love, be yourself, be open-minded, believe all things are possible, seek knowledge and share knowledge. My first thought was where did that come from and I really didn’t believe it came from God. After all who am I to be blessed with having a conversation with God? Its not like I have lived such a good life and deserved this opportunity to converse with God

I tucked this information away in my mind and every once in awhile bring it out and consider the message and then eventually I allow it to recede back into my mind and I move on to other things.

Was Told I had Prostate Cancer

Since that day I have tried to follow this simple idea and live accordingly. But right here I’ve got to be a tad more clear on one thing. It often enters my thinking when I’m experiencing issues that are plaguing me for one reason or another. Like when I was told I had prostate cancer. Why is it we only seek help of a religious nature when we need it and not all the time?

Got My Test Results

There I was standing in the doctors lobby and demanding to know the answer to what my test indicated. She was trying to be very diplomatic and suggested I re make my appointment and talk directly to the doctor. I had an appointment this day to see the doctor but he was being detained by an emergency at the hospital. I told the nurse I wasn’t leaving till someone gave me my results. She reluctantly acquired my folder and told me I had prostate cancer. I was devastated and couldn’t breathe or talk and tears ran down my face. Never in my live did I think that cancer would be an issue in my life. But there it was as real as life. The nurse seeing my distress grabbed my hand till I managed to regain my composure. She asked if I was ok I said yes and I went to my car and just sat there. Then out of the blue I remembered the six understandings and all my concern just drifted away. At that point I was astounded by how well I was taking this bad news. I drove home whistling to myself. I told my wife and she consoled me with her magical ways and life moved on. I have one year to go on my treatments and my prognosis is excellent. The cancer according to my two doctors is completely gone and shows no sign of returning.

Words to Live By

Granted I don’t stand on a pulpit and expel the words I told myself. But I do with every fiber of my being try to live the words. I think people are more apt to understand a presentation of faith then just hearing the words. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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