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Stay Busy

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Offer a Helping Hand

When you decided to take the plunge and retire, carry this thought with you all the time. There’s know such thing as being too busy.

Having Days When You Feel down and Out? Guess What? We All Do

My youngest Stepson is trying to accomplish multiple tasks and before this week I wondered how he’s managed to keep his faculties together. Soon around November in collaboration with his wife who happens to his love companion are bringing forth their first baby girl into the world. Also he’s moving to his first home and that’s happening tomorrow after lunch. Last night while I was installing a new ceiling fan in the baby’s room, He and his Mother were connecting the dots and assembling the crib. It all seemed a tad crazy, I’m on the ladder, they’re on the floor and it’s eleven at night. Soon there after we all reached the same conclusion that tomorrows to close to staying any longer.

Helping Helps You

My Stepson went home and probably gulped two Budweiser and fell in bed. I’m going to visit an all night food establishment and grab my favorite alcohol grape drink and enjoy same while reclining in my favorite chair. I was awakened later by my lovely wife and was gently prompted to put my head on the pillow. At nine in the morning I awoke feeling really great. I guess yesterday was emotionally good for me.

Baked Her Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today my wife is filled with numerous duties to perform. Tomorrow the soon to be Mother will be having a baby shower. My wife is a major provider of food etc for the event. Which will include but not be limited to, her world famous chocolate cookies and a whole arrange of other delightful munchies. My wife always in high demand when events are soon to happen.

Need Help?

Here’s the major thing that should be close to your lips to say when events are in the process of happening. Can I be of any help? And keep repeating that phrase whenever someone implies there going to do something and might need some help.

Avoid the Knock & Help

When most people retire they have numerous projects on their mind and keep pretty busy. But then we run out of planned activities and then begin the slow process of having less to do and more free time on our hands. This is when emotional harm knocks on the door and the knock gets louder every day. Now were starting to feel less important and watching more tv, then we should.

Spread the Word

If this sounds like you, take my advice and spread the word of your availability. Then once again you’ll see and feel the value of emotional wellness in your life. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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