Fiber !!!

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Fiber !!!

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Fiber is a Cleansing Device

What goes in your body will eventually exit your body and what it does while its there should be of great concern to you. Now lets talk specifically about fiber, which is if I understand it correctly helps keep your digestive tract from gathering clinging residue. This residue if left unchecked might produce alien forces that could do great harm to your body. As you can surmise I’m not a heavy under stander of the medical stuff. But don’t let that information stop you from checking reliable sources and they will back up in technical terms what I’m talking about. Your body like the cooling system in your car needs to maintain a clean flowing system of bringing in food and exiting same.

Kind of Like Brushing Your Teeth

Now here’s the deal with the fiber it helps create a soft cement like product that pushes against the walls of your digestive track and scrapes the clinging stuff away and stops the formation of places where enemies of the body can develop and if left unchecked could shorten your stay here on earth. I don’t know about you but staying longer is of great interest to me.

Check with Your Doctor

I’m quite sure that fiber does more good then just what I’m talking about. So check with your doctor and get the real scoop on whats going on in this area of your body. Currently I’m getting most of my fiber from consuming cheerios and shredded wheat cereal stuff.

Garden Hose

You can tell if your not getting enough fiber if your discharge product is more like colored water and not like your garden hose. Your waste product should be more solid in nature and not soupy like. I’m sure you get the picture I’m trying to paint.

Isn't Living Longer Better

Its an easy thing to do and only requires a small eating change. Sure maybe the other stuff is better tasting and more appealing but doesn’t living longer appeal tastier to you?

Less Weight?

This fiber stuff and also fill another habit we have of snacking from time to time. It easy to put in a bowl and it helps fill the empty feeling and that might produce less weight. That wouldn’t be a bad thing would it?

Stop Being Selfish

I’m sure if you’re like me you have family members and friends who enjoy having you around. So stop being selfish and think of them. Heck its only one small tiny change that could make a huge difference in how long and how healthy your life will be.

That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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