Loss of driving skill

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Loss of driving skill

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Age Sometimes Brings Driving to a Halt

There are numerous situations and impairments that may influence our ability to control the wheels under our feet. Age brings changes and one of those changes maybe the ability to drive are favorite mode of transportation. Our car is like an extension of our legs and makes going places so much easier then ridding a horse and buggy configuration.

Drivers are Sought After People

When I first started managing this Senior High-rise apartment complex its inhabitants were all over the age of sixty two and many of them were well into the young years of eighty. Many were still driving daily and helping those who were without wheels. As I look back on my memories I remember the popularity of those who drove and now realize why they were so popular.

I Smelled, Mentioned and Food Appeared at My Door

Most of the first renters were almost entirely women, who had lost their husbands and were now living on their own. We were a couple generations from each other and I learned a lot from them. Their generosity to me made me feel like we were all just one big functioning family. A couple ladies proclaimed themselves the over seers of my well fare and wouldn’t go to sleep till my car return to its proper parking space at night. Oh I forgot to mention I was a live in manager and found my stay there very rewarding. At first while performing my numerous responsibilities I smelled wonderful things being cooked and if I was lucky I also enjoyed the taste of the food that smelled so good. For the longest period of time during which my weight increased; I would unknowingly mention to someone I was in the presence of something that smelled great and low and behold that delicious food creation was sometimes left at my apartment door, with a note attached which indicated who dropped it off and would I please returned the dish to the giver. Being a man which implies a less awareness of what going around them I took the longest time to figure out that I was causing the food to be cooked for me by mentioning to renters how great something smelled and didn’t realize they were just repaying my kind words about their food which was one hundred percent honest from me by leaving a sample of same at my apartment door and sometimes enlisted the kindness of my closes neighbor who allowed same to be stored in her place in her refrigerator till I returned home. Once I made the connect to how I made the food arrive at my door I stopped talking about the food and the process eventually stopped and my weight in time returned to a more tolerable level for me.

They Were My Extended Family

Sorry about the diversion to the great tasting food. But I’m not sorry about all the wonderful people I met and how kind they were to me. From my perspective they were all a part of my family and I enjoyed that marvelous feeling of being.

Mobility Changes and So Must We

But here comes the downside of my living at the High-rise. I had to watch most of those kind people who I lived with slowly lose their ability to drive. Some relinquished their car key while others persisted till the pressures of life snatched their mobility from them. But all of them found thru trial and error new modes transportation. Their ability to adapt never ceased to amaze me and impress me.

Curb Hitting Reminds me

Even today as I begin to hit the curb when parking. I remember my high-rise neighbors and the kindness they extended to me.

So like they did I’ll probably make certain adjustments and find new ways to travel. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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