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Push harder

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Pushing is Required

I have noticed if I don’t push myself and make a schedule to complete a project it has a tendency to be delegated to the bottom draw of my desk. That doesn’t mean it will get lost and forgotten. But it does mean I’m not of a mind to do it right away. Sometimes I think its necessary to let things gain some vintage and that makes them more palatable when I finally open the bottom draw. It like wine that’s given an opportunity to age and that’s supposed to be a good thing. I have always wondered about that process of thinking or are we just hood winking ourselves to believe it is so. My Grand Mother used to always say the fresher the food the healthier the food will be and it freshness will taste better. She was a successful person so I cant in good conscious disregard her thinking on this subject.

I Do What I Think is Right

But I have noticed that age doesn’t make us faster or be more diligent in doing things we want to do. In this state of my life I am more inclined to want to be more honest and thru that process want to see things as they are and not how others would have me to believe. Its not that I don’t trust others but I do realize that its easier to follow the masses of thinking and ignore the very fiber of an issue.

Wisdom Was Always there I Just Didn't Believe in Myself

But age doesn’t bring wisdom and show me the way to the projects I want to achieve before time runs out and the grim reaper knocks at my from door. So I have to push myself and the words find their proper place on the paper. Its kind of like sleep walking and somehow my mind takes over and the right thoughts find their proper place and the words flow with the ease of spreading creamy peanut butter on the wheat bread that’s supposed to be good for me.

Today is the Day for Doing

Please don’t make the mistake that time will make you better at something. Whatever your doing just requires doing. And every new attempt brings a new approach to the work table. And all of a sudden the picture your trying to paint gets done with ease and you didn’t even have to hardly give thought to it and things just come together as if your mind was taking charge and completing projects for you.

Ideas Will Grow if You Believe in Them

I know longer delegate things to the bottom draw of my desk. I place them on a wall hanging marker board and give them a reading every day till the idea reaches that magic place in my mind and the words just ease on the paper and an idea is born and like a proud Father of a new born I pass out the cigars and drink the fresh wine in the cooler box.

Fresh is Better

So here’s the truth of the truth. Just keep going back to the drawing board and write a project or idea to dabble with and just keep reviewing with ease of thought till your mind takes over and a new fresh idea is born. I think My Grand Mother was right that fresh is better. That’s how I feel and I sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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