Retirement Warm Up

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Retirement Warm Up

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Hot Flashes are Every Where, but more so in the Twilight Years

Hot flashes are not just limited to the gentle gender. A number of years ago I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. I chose to take radiation treatments and receive four shots yearly that restricted my testosterone from growing. All is well and my prognosis is excellent. Though there is one slight down side to the shots. They give me hot flashes and I never knew when one was coming. Boy am I sympathetic when a female mentions having hot flashes in my presence. I never realized the discomfort these hot flashes bring to those who have them. At first it was just a minor disturbance and only bothered me right after I consumed some food. But in time the thermostat started to interfere with every aspect of my life.

Sometimes I Woke Up Wet

Even my sleeping at night was invaded by this warming sensation. Sometimes I would wake up totally wet from the sweat my body produced. I would change my clothes turn on the ceiling fan and crawl back in the bed and then experience the influence of the north pole. But time moderated the temperature changes in my body and then just slight adjustments of heat invaded my body and I easily learned that turning on the fan or throwing cold water on my face seemed to handle the situation.

Now I have only a few shots to endure and then hopefully Ill is back to normal and I will be grateful to be myself again.

Walking in someone Else’s Shoes can be a mind-altering experience.

Now I see life differently and realize that changes in are behavior comes from many sources and most of these changes don’t kill us, they just force us to see thru the eyes of others and what they have endured to maintain a value of wellness in their life.

Change is Good and Inevitable So Why Fight It?

If you tried to describe life the word perfect wouldn’t be one of the words you would use. Life is ever changing and that is the only normal thing about being alive. Trying to hang on to what you are will be an act of futility and because of that you’ll never find the peace that change offers all of us.

Change Brings Rewards

Change is the reward we receive every day for understanding that change is the very fiber of our being and it makes us more alive then we have ever been before. So stop worrying about change and just embrace the new you every day and thank God for the opportunity to know a new part of you and how that knowing makes you a better person.

So don’t be afraid of change because its just you in a different pair of under ware. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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