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Won't Do

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Think of all the things you Won't Do and have you ever wondered, why that is?

I sometimes wonder if there aren’t two entities living in our head. One of course would be us and the other would be the part of the brain that runs all the functions are body needs to do.

Its kind of like going to the library and finding a book you want to read. Only things are slightly different in our head. We the person living in the head have the ability to access information in some degree or other. But were not the person putting the book back in its proper location. So when you start to think about how your brain works, you realize a great deal of whats going on is totally out of your control. It’s like going to an eatery and enjoying a meal and don’t have to deal with the cooking or cleaning up after wards. So If you not doing all the work then some entity or etc is doing it for you. And that thought begs a question. How much control does this aspect of your brain have over you and how you respond to things?

Default Settings

Now I’m know rocket scientist and don’t assume the status of the all knowing person. But I do have thoughts that might explain why the body assumes certain responsibilities. Maybe the brain is in part like a computer, when we don’t designate certain things to be done it makes certain selections for us. Our brain could be doing a similar duty for us. It could evaluate our past decisions and use that as a path to following if we don’t select one.

Didn't Like Calling

Years ago I never like using the telephone. Yes I would answer the phone but I didn’t like making phone calls. And it didn’t seem to be any particular reason or rhyme to why I didn’t want to make phone calls. So for years I irritated myself and the problem could have been easily fixed had I sought help by talking to a specialist.

Do It Till the Cows Come Home

While on a trip to Chicago I had the opportunity to meet a very special person at a social event I attended. He was one of the key note speakers. And he spoke about people like me who have issues doing certain things. Of course his presentation was excellent and here’s the point of his talk. If something bothers you, do it repetitively till the problem stops bothering you. I was so impressed with his talk I took it to heart and called people till they were tired of hearing from me. And guess what the problem is no longer a problem.

So gather the list of your wont dos and do them till the cows come home. And then bask in the sunlight of your wellness and smartness. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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