Why Retire?

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Why Retire?

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Work for Yourself

Probably before you retired you worked forty hours a week. Put that same amount of time into something you like or want to do and then marvel at the progress you will see. If you can work forty hours and make someone else money you can certainly do the same for yourself. The only difference is that you are the boss and you must make sure the job gets done. All day all over the world people are making there way to a work place and will work for a weekly paycheck. Why not do it for yourself? If you doubt it look at how many years you have been making it work for others. Why not make now your time to reap the benefits for yourself. Maybe you would rather do it all yourself or have someone give you a hand. You might want to consider letting them have a piece of the action and work in their own environment. This would exclude you from having to give benefits and etc. They too would be working for themselves and providing you service while not being your employee. Thus you would not pay an hourly wage and they would be a contractor fulfilling an agreement with you.

No Over Head

Large companies have huge over head and that would give you a great advance over them. Your over head would be something you already have and thus wouldn’t cost you much to use.

Everyone Starts with concerns

Don’t be concerned that you don’t think you can do it. That’s the way everyone feels when they first start thinking about being on their own and producing a service or product.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

When starting something we all think about the liability issues and that’s a reasonable concern. Talk to your insurance agent and they will give you the pros and cons and the kind of courage you might want to consider having.

You Can Work for Nothing

You by yourself have a great advantage over big business. You cant chose to work for nothing and provide something free for awhile just to get your business going and find customers for your service or product. A big business can’t afford to not pay their people. Thus you have a great advantage over them. Your immediate goal is to find customers, demonstrate the quality of your service or product and then you can start competing with the big companies and start showing a profit.

The First Sale is Just for Meeting a Customer

A very successful CEO once told me that the first sale is just to get the attention of a customer and they may spend the rest of their life coming to you for services or products. So the first time a person comes to your business don’t let them leave without getting a deal from you and that will hopefully produce a customer for life. He also said it better to keep a customer even if it doesn’t make you a dime. Because the customer will talk well of you and that will create more customers that you would otherwise probably not get. The sign posted behind his desk read never lose a customer no matter what the cost to you.

Goal Customer for Life

I’m in business now and I have no over head. The product I sell is personally guaranteed by me or your complete money back. I have had some returns but they are far and few between. I believe in the theory that a customer for life is the best customer to have. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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