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Defend Yourself

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Learn to Defend Yourself and think smart especially when you retire

Whether you’re a male or female you need to think about and develop ideas that will promote your physical well being. It’s sad but there are millions of people out there who will to go to great lengths to remove your cash and etc from you. Sometimes there like a thief in the night and by trickery will remove sums of money from your bank account and by the time you find out about it they will be long gone.

Their Waiting for the Opportunity

There are those that walk the malls, parks and etc. They skillfully watch what goes on around them and find unsuspecting victims and snatch their purses before they realize there even gone.

She Was Lucky

This article is about those people who do bodily harm to extract your money from you. I remember my neighbor telling me a story about his daughter who was bodily hurt while trying to protect her purse. She parked in her normal parking garage and while walking to the elevator noticed the parking area was darker then usual, especially by the elevator door. She pushed the button and immediately had her purse snatched from her shoulder while being slammed against a cement wall and never viewed the persons face. She called 911 and they discovered her purse in a trash can two blocks away from where she parked. She was lucky and only lost money and bruised slightly. She could have been stabbed, shot or beaten severely. She was lucky and she knew it.

Learn the Tools to Defend Yourself

I once took a course in self defense and learned powerful tools available to me if confronted with a life and death situation. I learned the male groin area is the best area to smash via your foot, hands or some hard object you’re holding. Also I was exposed to stun guns, mase, loud noise devices and other skillful maneuvers. I learned that if you think your in a life and death situation; yell, scream and fight with all your might not to be placed in a vehicle. I learned from this class that if you get in the car with the perpetrators your chances of surviving is one chance in ten. So fight, yell, scream kick, scratch and realize that this is a life and death situation and your best chance of surviving is fighting with all your might.

Take Extra Precautions

As we get older we must take extra precautions to protect ourselves. When your out at night be with others there is strength in numbers. Avoid situations like taking your trash out at night. Do it in the day light your safer. Have an alarm system installed in your dwelling. Remove hedges from around your dwelling. Have a dog, intruders don’t like barking. Live with someone and look after each other.

Don’t be afraid in your later years and you can accomplish this in part, by always being prepared. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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