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So what if you don’t know what you did yesterday?

I went thru a recent phase when I started thinking maybe I’m slipping and the mind is starting to shut down. Then it occurred to me that I have never been concerned about anything. Except maybe Monday and Friday. Monday because that started my working week and Friday was payday. Yes I always knew what day it was but I seldom knew the date. I’m not sure why I’m that way but that’s me and I quite frankly don’t give a dam about fixing it.

You Never Have so Whats the Problem

For probably a month I tried to fix the malfunction in my life and wasn’t having much progress making it work. Then my lovely wife seeing my concern about something, asked what was going on with me? I told her I thought I was loosing my grip because I don’t really keep tract of past things very well. She said in her infinite wisdom that I never have so whats the problem now? That made me feel better and once again accepted myself as I am and stopped worrying about trying to be like other people. I’m a lucky guy my wife is always resolving issues in my life. I guess that’s the love thing kicking in.

Today is Far More Important the Yesterday

So when you think about it whats so important about tomorrow? Its done and what do you need it for anyway? Most of us have certain routines and it’s hard to distinguish one day from another. So if your like me stop worrying about it. I solve the special days by keeping them on the calendar on my computer and it sends me a two week email notice when something special is about to happen.

Were Different Embrace That

I have come to the conclusion that in many ways I’m different from other people. So does that make me dysfunctional or something? Of course not were all different and that’s the beauty of the human experience. Know two people are a like and that is a wonderful thing. That’s what makes life more interesting. Imagine how boring things would be if we all dressed and talked the same. So embrace your difference and be glad you have it. Because that change is who you are and that makes you a perfect you.

Just Be Yourself, After All That's Who You Are

I think everyone that starts reclining on the sofa start to doubt their wellness and that’s a normal thing to do. So don’t give it another thought and just continue to be who you are and expand that concept as far as it will go. No one likes an imitator and since your not one everyone will enjoy being around and helping you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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