The Chosen Ones

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The Chosen Ones

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So what if Your Family Ignores you, Ill bet your Grand Children won’t

Children especially when their young take people just the way they are. One such group are Grand Children. I have Grand Children ranging from nineteen till one week from being ready to join the world. They all share their hugs freely and always find time to spend with us. My wife and I joyfully help their needs and growing process. They know we love them and that’s the glue that holds us together.

A Lose Lip Sinks Ships (WW2 Poster Warning)

You as Grand Parents must learn the art of not interfering with Mother and Fathers that maintain ownership of these priceless all knowing little people. Lip biting, leaving the room and going to the bathroom are all strategies to avoid letting your mouth ruin the connection with the chosen ones. And never and I cant stress this point strongly enough never share bad words with the Grand children about their Mother or Father. This behavior will diminish the opinion of wellness the children feel about you and that is the number one no no in the wellness relationship you want to maintain with the chosen ones. Yes it hard to do and if you do it nothing will mend the hole in the fence you created.

Fan Splatter

So if you’re like me you will practice the art of being a neutral country like the Swiss and never take sides with any one. Neutrality may not always be appreciated but it will never be held against you when the shit hits the fan. And sooner of later the fan always plays a part in every family trying to keep the bonding process in good working order.

Play Your Part

Age sometimes numbs the senses and interferes with our ability to play our part and do what is necessary to still receive the joy of hugging our Grand Children. And one must also keep in mind that Great Grand Children will be the ultimate joy received for just playing your part and then skillfully leaving when the structure of the family things fall apart and know one is talking to anyone except you, the non meddling Grand Parent.

Listen Only

Your job as a GP is to play the part of a listener and never a giver of information. They the speakers have all the information. Now they just want and need the use of your ear to talk to. Your mouth or words of wisdom will not be needed or wanted during this therapy session, which gains you no cash but doesn’t diminish your GP status.

Mum is the Word

In time most issues cling to common ground and all parties of the dispute forget, forgive and once again join hands and play their designated part. So mum is the word and patience will continue the hugging and etc. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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