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Exit Plan

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Before Life’s Next Adventure

Your life partner should face no surprises when you exit this world and pursue adventures yet understood by mortals. When your gone clarity should be of the utmost importance to you. Have you cleanly explained everything that might be a challenge for your life partner and love companion? If you haven’t this is a good time to organize verbally, in writing, via video or thru the help of an adviser. What may seem simple to you in life maybe a huge challenge for your life companion. So don’t expect someone to know something or think they do when they don’t.

I Value the Simply Approach

For me simplicity is the code word. Everyone or at least those who are concerned for the welfare of those being left behind will make clear for the final parting desires. I wish to be cremated at a designated place of my choosing. The earth sustained me in life and I wish to return to it when life is know longer within me. For me that’s returning to my birthplace and that feels rights for me. That choice is every ones choice and should be fulfilled if possible.

No Confusion

Leaving loose ends may seem no deal to you, but may in reality be a giant challenge to your parting friend and lover of a lifetime.

I Think Planning is Better

I spend numerous years operating the functions of a High rise facility. Mainly contained by senior citizens. When I started there the youngest resident was six five, the majority were over seventy five. During my tenure I got to know many resident on a very personal level. Those who found release from this earth during my time could easily be separated into two categories of thinking. One group prepared by leaving instructions and the other group left the job to someone else. Both systems worked and no one was left to be cared for. We are a society of caring people whether you believe that or not. Many residents needed help and found it if they wanted it. I guess I was their last place for parting help. And over the years I got to know many care givers and readily recommended one if a resident requested it or it seemed to me they needed the help.

Only Had to Insist Once

Life was good to me while I was employed at this position and only one situation forced me to require someone to seek residence in a place where her special needs could be fulfilled. We spent time together before the day arrived and I felt know ill will from her. She left with no words and passed two months later. Her leaving was private, so I said good by while thinking about her. I guess Ill never forget her and often wonder if I couldn’t have done more and so life goes.

Make Passing as Easy as Possible

Being left by your loved one is know easy task for the leaver. But the love that’s left needs all the help you can provide by leaving all your papers and thoughts in order and easily accessible to them. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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