What is your knowledge worth?

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What is your knowledge worth?

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He Worked for a Electrical Supply Company

John was an acquaintance of my younger years and eventually he started working for an electrical company that sold wire and etc for the building industry. And according to him he was really good at his job. Then like many people he retired and discovered that working was his reason for getting up every morning.

He Used His Knowledge to Save Them Money

But all he knew was what he did while working. Then out of the blue according to him he realized that he could do in retirement what he did while working for this electrical supply house. So he contacted companies that did electrical work and offered to act as their agent and buy products they needed at the lowest price possible. He could do this because he knew the system and how he could use it for his advantage and in the process save a great deal of money for the electrical contractors he was dealing with.

Worked at Home with No Over Head

He said he worked at his own pace and never used his money in the process. He would find the best deal and then direct the contractor to call and get the best deal in town. Imagine what you could do if you used this kind of thing to work for yourself. Just remember the people that were paying you at your old job made money and so can you. Just think about it you have little or no overhead unlike the company that you used to work for. Now theirs just you and you don’t necessarily need the money because you’re surviving on your retirement.

Trained People to Work in the Fast Food Industry

I a few years ago met a gentlemen that used to work for McDonalds and trained people to open new franchises. He took this knowledge in retirement and started an employment agency that help train and supply workers for fact food locations and he was having a ball doing it.

Share & Earn the American Way

Just think about it you have a lifetime of knowledge that others could use to find success in their life. Sharing and earning could be a wonderful way to enjoy your senior years.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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