Buys, Lives in, and Then Sells

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Buys, Lives in, and Then Sells

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He Knows How To Make a Buck

When I first meet Charlie I though his elevator didn’t go to the top floor. But guess what he knows how to buy, fix up and sell houses for a profit.

He Makes Small Improvements

Currently Charlie is occupying his third house in this neighborhood and already looking to buy another one close by. He says he works at his own pace and enjoys seeing the results of his work. He doesn’t according to him make any major changes; he only tackles little improvements that produce the best results people are looking for.

He Lives in One Bedroom

When He buys a house he selects a bedroom to live in and then he moves in with a bed, tv, small refrigerator, washer and dryer. If the house has any of these items he uses them and stores his stuff.

He Fills the House with Items

Now he plans his improvements and does everything he can and then farms the rest out. According to him he generally can turn over a house in less then six months. When he finishes he contacts a friend with a small furniture store and rents items to fill the house. The furniture person moves the stuff in and out. The owner of the furniture is compensated in two ways one he receives money for renting the stuff and second Charlie allows him to document by a special sign configuration the knowledge about his furniture and where it can be purchased or rented.

Make Me An Offer

Charlie enticed me with an offer of partnership in his operation. I declined because writing and speaking is now my mode of keeping busy.

Makes a Good Profit

He said that his last house netted him a profit of forty seven thousand dollars. Not bad considering he likes what he does and he only works on things that make him feel good. Charlie knows the true value of living a life that works for him and we all can learn from that experience. That’s my last though and I hope it opens your eyes to the possibilities around you.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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