Administering the Will Instructions

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Administering the Will Instructions

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The Will Controller

Recently a retired family member lost her mother to a long illness. Shortly after this happened we talked and she expressed the difficulty she was experiencing trying to handle her mothers wishes and the many items she left behind.

Hard to Get People to Help

Many items where left directly to her and the decision to keep or dispose of has weighted heavy on her mind. And hardly any family members have come forth to claim or request items to remember her by.

Consignment Stores

Many items are being placed in consignment stores to find new homes and she knows this will please her Mother that others have found value in them. And so the journey goes to satisfy the wishes of her Mother in her final days on this earth.

Senior Move Manager

The family member in charge has chosen the services of a Senior move Manager who helps and assists in making the transition to move out of the house so said location can be sold via her Mothers instructions in the will.

The Manager Manages Everything

The packing and moving manager separate items by categories and assist in helping decide where they will go and what to do with item. Then they contact a moving company and over see the final destination for all items to be disposed of. There charges seem to range from two thousand and up and are worth every penny they charge. They do all the boxing of items and arrange their moving reservations. They make it happen when others struggle to decide who gets what.

Its a Good Service to Use

May I strongly suggest such a service to make the process move quickly and help remove the stress moving plays on us that are in charge of the whole thing. Remember survival is your goal and those who have passed have found their greatness in the new after life.

So Move on and Live Happy

So save your life and return to your journey as fast as you can. After all you need helpful care too. And remember your best is your best so close the book and move on to your life's story. And that’s my thought, live long and love.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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