An Unusual Way to Save

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An Unusual Way to Save

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Saving Via X Wife

Chuck one of my Brother Elks has probably one of the most different ways of saving money that I have personally ever seen. Chuck gives his x wife twenty percent of all the money he makes and got her to promise that she would not give it back to him till he really needed it and could convince her of his needing or the day he retired.

Unusual Way to Save

Sound crazy? While it certainly did to me. Now I don’t dislike my first wife but I certainly wouldn’t make such a deal with her. And nor should she with me. From my point of view its pure insanity. But guess what there always exceptions to every rule and this is one of them.

She Pinched Penney's

Sandy his x is the tightest person I have ever known when it comes to spending money. She’s tighter then the bark on a tree and wouldn’t loan you a dime unless you really needed it. And need to her would be if you just walked across the Sahara Desert and needed money for a bottle of water. Then just enough money to wet your whistle and not a drop more.

Solid Till Retirement

This arrangement will be enforced till the day he retires and that will be in about three years. Chuck told me he’s tried to break the deal and even threatened to go to court to get his money. And on a couple of occasions he filled out the court papers but never set them into play.

Had to Figure a Sure Way to Save

Me being a simple minded person asked him why he created such an understanding with his x wife? He said because he had this dream about retiring and stepping out on his back porch and casting his line and catching fish. And he said the only way I could see that happening if I could figure out a way to keep my fingers off the money. And that’s why he choose the method of saving he did. He knew Sandy wouldn’t budge unless the need was great and great never came into play according to her.

Success is the Judge of a Good Plan

I think Chuck told me he has two years to go before exiting his government job and then his dream of fishing off his back porch will come true. Yes its weird but guess what? Its working and that’s all that matters. So find your own way and live happy.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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