Do I Really Need This Pill?

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Do I Really Need This Pill?

Post by Archive » Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:21 pm

Is There a Better Way

This is one of the questions I have been recently asking myself. And when you do this seriously you’ll probably be amazed like me the kinds of things you can do to stop taking certain medications that your on. But before doing anything consult with your doctor. More then likely if your course of action is a good one he will give you support in changing your life style. Also you don’t necessarily need to see him personally. Call and see if he will return your call if that doesn’t seem to work ask his personal attendant to ask for you and then they will return a call to you.

My Weight Caused the Problem

One of my medications is a blood pressure controlling pill. In my past years this wasn’t required, since then I have raised my tonnage by thirty pounds and now to control the medical problem I take a pill. Currently I have lost ten pounds and have every intention of getting down to my old weight. Which if I’m correct and my doctor confirms may well relieve me of having to take this medication.

Walking Again

Also I’m getting back to walking a little and that has good side effects its makes me feel better. They say it’s the increased oxygen going to my brain.

Easier to Do

We and I include myself in this have become a society in part who finds fixing our problems is better achieved by following the line of least resistance. Since reducing our weight is hard we opt for the pill and hang on to the tonnage. And once we head down that slippery slope there’s just more tonnage waiting for us at the bottom of the hill. And the more we avoid the issue the more likely the pill will increase or change and more side effects will develop and medication costs will probably increase accordingly.

Lets Do It Together

I’m trying how about joining me and lets see if we can do it together. I know we will be happier when we do. And it will make our retirement years so much better and leave more money in our pocket. Live well, weight less and be happy.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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