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Filing System

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Keeping track of Important Documents

Before joining saying I do for the second time I maintained the simplest method of saving pieces of information that might be useful in the future. Its what I call the box method and the only training required is the ability to grab papers and throw same in a designated box. When the box becomes full you will be required to get another box and continue the process. The box size is optional, thought I personally liked a size equal to two standard computer boards or somewhere in that size category. Before using the box method I used to just use the left lower drawer in my office desk. But it became full and option two was created.

Free Containers

Now I realize that there are many fancy and better looking money costing things, but I being a little dutchy opted for the free variety. The boxes I liked most were free and were delivered with no shipping or handling fees. They were delivered on a two wheel cart via our local office supply company.

The Throw in Box Filing System

I used the dating system. The new stuff was on top and documents got older the farther you dug into the box. But I tried to keep things in order by using a special marker, which was red and made of card board. As my fingers moved thru the box I would use the cardboard as a dividing device, thus allowing me to stop and not lose my place. If I removed a document I could easily put it back in its proper location.

Box Full Removed Junk

When a box got filled I would reluctantly finger thru the box using my special marker and remove items that clearly had know value to me. Sometimes I save things thinking I will want in the future. This process would generally remove twenty five percent of the tonnage in the box. This process allowed the box to be useful again. When I finally filled the box again, I dated the box showing the starting date and finish date. The box was then delegated a spot in the office storage room.

The Past is Seldom Worth Saving

Weeks before I retired I worked thru the boxes again and almost threw everything away. Which proved one of my theories. The past is the past and we seldom need to review it again.

The Ask Filing System

My beautiful wife now controls the documents that sometimes touch by my finger tips. Now days I merely need to ask for something and it appears in a speedy fashion. I sometimes feel guilty not looking for it myself, but the new system isn’t like my plain boxes used to be and that interferes with my ability or desire to find things myself. I guess I’m just an old dutchy guy that still lingers in the past and finds the new stuff hard to deal with.

If you’re an uncomplicated person like me, maybe the box system will work for you.

As the years pile up for me I find comfort in the simple approach to things, like just using a box. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

This article was written by my late Father. We were working on this retirement site together before he was hit by a drunk driver and later died of his injuries.

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